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Hotels, Holiday Rentals & Resorts Worldwide

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Holiday Destinations

To help you find your ideal destination, the site is divided into countries, regions and often sub-regions, like the Spanish Costa del Sol, for example.

There are three basic ways to get to your destination of choice:

  1. Use the search box on the Home page
  2. Select a country on the Home page
  3. Use the Country Travel Guides
Travel Guides

Travel Guides provide an overview of the regions and destinations available. Clicking an area on the map once takes you to a summary of the region. Double click to zoom to more details and sub-regions. Clicking the ‘Go Deeper’ link at the end of each regional summary will achieve the same result. If there isn’t a ‘Go Deeper’ link, then there are no further sub-regions for that region.

If there’s a three dot ellipsis on the navigation bar under the main menu, this indicates that one or more regions have sub-regions. Double click the region on the map or click the 'Go Deeper' link to explore it further.


The Travel Guides allow you to search regions by broad categories, like Hotels, Rentals and Resorts, etc. Clicking a category will take you to the results page, where you can refine you search further using the Filter dropdown.

Tip: If you’re not sure where to holiday, stay at the country level to get a feel for a region. Once you’ve found a region of interest, return to the Travel Guide and double click the map or click ‘Go Deeper’ to explore it further.

You can use the navigation bar under the menu to see where you are and return to the Travel Guide from regions or sub-regions.

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Click a region on the map for summary. Double click to explore it in more detail.